Our Journey for Josh

Journey for Josh

On Saturday 2nd September and Sunday 3rd September 2017 I attempted to walk the full length of St Cuthbert’s Way (100+km) in less than 48 hours (sleeping included). St Cuthbert’s Way is a long distance walking route, normally averaging around 4-5 days to complete. I was undertaking this challenge with my best mate, Chris Cox (aka Coxy), along with vital support from my Dad.

My reason for attempting this challenge was twofold: to honour the memory of my beautiful son Josh, and to raise money for Barth Syndrome Trust - a charity very dear to my heart. I have suffered badly with grief and depression in the last 2 years and walking has helped me immeasurably in my darkest times. I have previously completed a 9 mile trek of Hadrian’s Wall but wanted to push myself to the very limit, both mentally and physically, to raise as much money as possible.

DAY 1!

Warm up and depart
We arrived in Melrose at the welcoming time of 4.30am after a 3am departure from my Dad’s in…